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“If I'm going to be asked to cook the meal, I'd like to be able to pick the groceries.”


- Bill Parcells

In order to successfully do what we do we need our clients’ website content to be optimized.

We need to have or create a synchronicity between:

Search terms prospects type in to Search Engines.

Ads we present to relevant searchers.

Website Pages those who click on our ads ‘land on.’

As such we have created entire website content for clients with an eye toward making sure the website content supports your marketing goals and provides the best possible user experience. 

Often times when we start an engagement a website is not ready and we will make detailed recommendations of what needs to occur in order for things to proceed. 


No matter how well we do our job a deeply flawed, out of date website can hold things back. If such a situation exists we’ll generally not commence till the website house is in order.

We are marketing folks so we steer clear of all the technical doings by your web developer/webmaster. 


We have no wish to offer services that intrude on their core activities. When we overlap it could be because they are venturing into marketing territory away from their core technological expertise.

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