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Don't just take our word for it


"We’ve been working closely with Eric since 2010 and he’s a very important strategic asset for us. We rely on the internet as a source of our business and given what we spend here and the time involved, having someone capable  handling this on our behalf is critical. 


Before Eric we had other firms and even did things ourselves out of continuing frustration. Since he’s been here he has been easy to work with, does things quickly and treats our budget with great attention. We are a small firm so my partner and I have come to greatly rely on his work.


Knowing he is easy to get a hold of and seeing him in our office several times a year gives us a lot of faith that this is being done professionally and that he is fully on top of things." 

Jason A. Newfield, Esq.

Frankel & Newfield, P.C. Garden City, N.Y.


"I’ve been delighted to be working with Eric since 2010 and in addition to running our growing search programs he has helped lead our web marketing activities.


We recently started a major new venture here and knowing we’d have him to help get things up and going on the web has been very reassuring.


I’ve been delighted with Eric’s help in growing my practice and using his marketing know-how.  As a surgeon my time to oversee a growing practice is very limited so I rely on professionals like him heavily. He has been consistently visible and available to myself and my team. I'd be surprised if he can't help anyone's web efforts."

Andrew Cash, M.D.

Desert Institute of the Spine, Las Vegas, NV. Desert Institute of Specialty Care, 

Las Vegas, NV.

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"As the owner of two very different types of camps with a third one coming on line this year I have really come to rely on Eric’s expertise.  One of my two camps is almost completely dependent upon the web and Paid Search for new enrollment every year. So Eric is a vital resource and having worked with him for 4 years I knew when we added a day camp he would hit the ground running. He has already worked for a few of them so we lose no time.  He has many years of camping expertise combined with his web marketing acumen so I have been able to give him free rein and not have to overly involve myself here thankfully. He’s very accessible and turns around any work very quickly. I know many other camp directors he works for and I think they would all say the same. He is very committed to camping and I hope he can work with many more camps, other than my competitors."

Gordon Josey, Director.

Camp Twin Creeks, West Virginia.

Fashion Camp NYC, NY, NY.

Breezemont Day Camp, Armonk, NY.


"Passport NYC at 92Y is still a fairly new camp program in a very large and well- established organization. In our first years we spent a lot of money with web companies who didn’t understand our business of summer camp and how to market the variety of specialized programs appropriately.


After bringing Eric Stein web ads on to our team, he not only understands the needs of our programs, but he dedicates the time and finesse to create Google ads and appropriate search term placement at a reasonable cost along with managing our Facebook web ads. Since working with Eric, our viable inquiries have increased significantly and our camp program has become easy to find and access through the internet." 

Molly Hott, Director

92nd Street Y Passport Camps, N.Y., N.Y.

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