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 - Eric Stein -

Eric Stein grew up in a family that for 70+ years has run summer camps for children in the Northeast. As such we are delighted to be involved with so many great summer camps all over the US. Although a sought after expert on camps and recreation businesses, Eric has a client list that is extremely varied both in type of business and locale. He serves legal and medical practices, an expert immigration witness, retreat centers, several startup companies and a variety of other businesses and not-for-profits.

He has an MBA in Marketing from Cornell and a BA in history from Northwestern University. 


From 2011 to 2017 Eric has presented at both the annual American Camping Association National conferences in the Tri-State camping conference in Atlantic City – the industry’s two largest conferences. 


Eric of Eswebmarketing has an extensive business and marketing background in both the Fortune 500 arena - Dun & Bradstreet - and a variety of small businesses & entrepreneurial ventures.

Our Mission

Use web marketing tools, focusing on paid search, to help small businesses increase sales in existing markets and tackle new markets.

Provide ongoing feedback, accountability and actionable intelligence to make certain resources are deployed optimally.

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