As part of our mission to help our clients grow their businesses we will often discuss other services we don’t perform in the role of trusted marketing consultant.


We understand how other web marketing levers work even if we do not perform such services at this time.  We may review the ‘web marketing toolkit’ with you so you can choose what might work well. 


We believe in Paid Search for many/most businesses either now or down the road.   If this has been tried and not succeeded before us it’s likely it wasn’t done correctly or perhaps it was some time ago when the relevancy or efficacy of your initiative was less.

We are not here to sell you every service you may, or may not need. We are not engaged in a “what we can sell you next, and more of” posture. We do want to anticipate your needs though to help you achieve your goals.

If we ever recommend any entity to work with you we do not take any remuneration.

We do not work with anyone’s direct competitor so our consultant role can be a proprietary one for you.

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