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Search Marketing

We do Search Marketing focusing on paid search (pay per click) advertising on the Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook platforms. We set up and manage on a daily basis your paid search campaigns. Before, and while doing so, we get to know your business.


What we do to insure your

Paid Search Campaigns


Website Optimization for Paid Search 

We advise you on promoting your site with the major search engines such as Google, Bing/Yahoo so you are more visible to your target market. We strive to help you achieve the best possible position on the search results pages as economically as possible.

Website Content 

We advise you on content changes to help your paid initiatives. We have several entities where we built the content for their websites – we do not code the sites but can do the layout and content.

The saying that “Content is king” is not an overstatement.

Website Analytics 

We use Google analytics to measure and track activity on your website on an ongoing basis in real-time. Without this analysis we cannot be effective but with it we can bring your website traffic to life and provide you with actionable intelligence to help you run your business (This is a free product your webmaster can install if you don’t have it).

What can you expect

Do it again and better. Keep what works and shed what is less successful.

Our Continual Process

Develop Keywords,

Ads and Territories to reach target market.

Recommend website tweaks to insure best possible results.

Test Campaign and use website analytics to measure results in real-time.

Web Marketing strategy and execution.

We focus on the cornerstone of Internet marketing, Search, that continues to grow and prosper. We are not a one-stop technology shop scrambling to be all things to all clients, capitalizing on every evolving trend in every related area and figuring out what else we can sell you. 

Reports that are not created by an admin assistant pushing a button to populated “canned charts and graphs”. All reports are made by hand to inspire feedback and discussion and relentlessly drive toward best practices.

No deceptive promises about improving sales by x percent in x number of days. We have a raft of references on our website. Everyone’s business, situation, strategy and budget are too unique to extrapolate results from one client to another. We help drive the sales process and sales are a collaborative process.


what you do.

Who is your target market? Where are they located?

Solicit feedback 

from you. Modify campaign as needed.


Still have some questions?